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From Dan Milstein <>
Subject Licensing / Source Question
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 00:24:26 GMT
In the course of some work I've been doing on Tomcat, I've been thinking about using a Thread
Pool.  There is currently a bunch of code doing this in both TC 3 and TC 4, but, no surprise,
it's extremely difficult to understand and/or extend.

Doug Lea, author of Concurrent Programming in Java, has written a set of concurrency utility
classes, including a very nice-looking ThreadPool ("PooledExecutor") implementation, and some
good "Channels" for communication between threads.  He documents these at:

I'm interested in using his code, but I'm not sure if it can be included in the TC source.
 Here's what he says about the license:

"All classes are released to the public domain and may be used for any purpose whatsoever
without permission or acknowledgment." 

My suspicion would be that we couldn't bundle up his code as part of a TC download, but I'm
not totally clear.

Can anyone help me understand this?



Dan Milstein //

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