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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Feature Request
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 22:25:15 GMT
This would be way down on my list of priorities for a Jakarta project.  

If I needed mod_rewrite for testing I would install Apache on my local 
development system.  Why "reinvent the wheel" just for testing.
Besides, I would still want to test the stuff developed locally on 
Apache with mod_rewrite before putting it in production.  If it has
Apache dependencies, I would develop using Apache.



Jon Stevens wrote:
> Ok, I'm just throwing this out there as a "nice to have" in the future and
> maybe someone (how about all those people who haven't commit anything, yet
> they have time to tell me what an asshole I am) might want to implement it.
> What would be "nice to have" is a feature where the Tomcat HTTPd had the
> mod_rewrite module implemented within Java. The issue being that on a live
> site, I use mod_rewrite to make the URL's pretty or different (or both) and
> I would want to have the same "feature" during development.
> That way, developers could use the HTTPd within Tomcat to do development and
> then easily move things over to having Tomcat sit behind Apache without
> having to require Apache during development.
> I know this opens a whole can of worms with regards to other Apache modules
> like mod_alias and such as well as the fact that we are not trying to
> directly compete with Apache httpd, but I figure that mod_rewrite is the one
> module that allows you to emulate pretty much any of the other modules that
> muck with URI's.
> thanks,
> -jon

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