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From Pierre Delisle <>
Subject Re: back port to 3.2 --> JspInterceptor
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2000 13:46:48 GMT
Hi Costin,

> JspInterceptor is not "enabled" in 3.2 - it was one of the changes I
> wanted to spend more time into and make sure it's stable enough. It'll be
> used in 3.3 - or whatever will be called.

Thanks for the clarification. However since it is being compiled in the
build, it is "somewhat" enabled :-). I'll just comment out the part that 
does not compile (with proper references).

> BTW, did you fixed the command line compiler ? JspInterceptor is based on
> the command line compiler, so if you fix the first it'll be very easy for
> me to fix the 3.3 interceptor.

Sorry, my radar must have missed this one. If you can give me pointers/info,
I'll look into it.

    -- Pierre

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