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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Fuck It.
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 21:02:53 GMT
GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> It's more a question than a request. I was really sad with Pier
> reaction. I really don't want to appear as a someone disturbing the
> Tomcat Project.

As I don't want to appear as someone who gave up Jakarta and XML to Sun
and IBM respectively... And that's what you said...

> As many others today, I wonder about the future of OpenSource and
> projects independance when corporations like IBM and Sun put (or hire)
> so many of the core developpers.

You can't blame a company for saving my butt when I was about to be torn
away from what I did in the last years... And everything is going to be
great until developers keep their own integrity towards open-source,
even sometimes going against their employer. I'm not afraid to start a
war at Sun if that's nedeed, as I'm scared to start one here. But
sometimes I need to do it.

> It's a great thing that such companies goes to opensource.
> But if major decisions are allready taken behind the scene, there is a real
> risk for OpenSource.....

Don't worry. No decisions are taken "behind the scenes" in some
corporate offices by managers and such. I wouldn't be working in one of
them :) :) :)


Pier Fumagalli <> <>

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