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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Fuck It.
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:55:20 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> As Pier recently said on another mailing list "You can't stop open source
> developers...".

And I'm not here to stop them... Proove me wrong :) :) :)

> Is this really what everybody wants?  I'm sure it could be made to happen.
> And quickly upgraded to the latest servletapi.  And gather a substantial
> following.
> Obviously a fork is a nightmare scenario.

Not _everytime_ (from the different *BSD forks something good came out,
FreeBDS!!!!) :) :)

> It is an ironic twist.  One has to wonder if such a fork is inevitable.
> Not for any technical reason.  But rather because those that worked so hard
> to create the place where everyone was to come together have become
> intolerant of exactly the spirit that makes open source successful.
> Innovation.  Exploration.  Revolution.  And, yes, dead ends.
> My recommendation: put your energies into the proposal that most gets your
> juices flowing.  Keep the discussion to the technical merits.

That's what I keep saying from months, Sam. I keep saying let's fix the
bugs on 3.x and improve its performance. You don't want to do that? Help
us develop 4.0 and Catalina. You don't even want to do that either?
Create a proposal and work on it, I'll be the first to analyze it when
Tomcat.NEXT comes along.


Pier Fumagalli <> <>

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