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From Andy <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:27:30 GMT
"Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:

> Andy wrote:
> > But, that being the case (and I know I'm touching on a sore spot) what will
> > be the lifespan of 3.3.
> Since a proposal to publish a "Tomcat 3.3" has never been formally presented and
> voted on, the only logically correct answer is "I don't know."  Depending on the
> results of a vote, it could be anything from "it will never be released (as
> Tomcat -- the code is free for anyone to do what they want with)" to "live long
> and prosper".

Kinda hard to go on.

> Given the current emotionally charged climate, I would not suggest that anyone
> propose a vote on 3.3 at the moment :-).

I'd say you might have just invited it.

> > [snip]
> > I'm guessing 4.0 might be a bit hard to get
> > into as I picture the major decisions being made in a sun boardroom somewhere
> > in cupertino where i'd not have the time to make it to and probably wouldn't
> > be invited anyhow...
> I'm guessing (well, not really -- it's pretty obvious :-) you haven't studied
> your history very well.

Other than reading the site and newsgroups without actually being here x years ago,
its not as if there is a "Complete history of tomcat".   And honestly I probably
would find it a bit dry.  (see Shakespeare's "Loves Labours Lost" for more
entertaining reading).  I'm just trying to find a starting point.

> For an interesting bit of background, you might go check out the CVS repository
> for Apache JServ at and  select the branch labelled
> "JSERV1_1DEV".  (Yes, it started before there was a 1.1 release of Apache
> JServ).  Note the dates on those files (early to mid 1999, before the Sun
> contribution of Tomcat was announced).  Go look at the source, and you will see
> the recognizable architecture that is Catalina (the servlet container part of
> Tomcat 4.0) today.


> For the record, Sun hired me in March, 2000, so that I could work on Tomcat full
> time instead of it just being a hobby (as it was when the original code was
> written).  :-)

My comments were not directed at you, I appologize if I offended anyone as was not
my intention.  My desire is to get involved in a piece of open source software I
actually use (therefore can have the time to study and contribute to in my free
time without getting a divorce <G>), working for a money has been taking the fun
out of computers so I wanted to work for something else.  Again, no offense was
intended, I was just summing up the best conclusions I could come up with from
reading the newsgroups.

    Maybe the best thing would be if one of the commiters gave me a piece of their
bug they don't feel like finding.

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