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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Fuck It.
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 20:18:18 GMT
"Rob S." wrote:
> Of what value would enhancing JServ to the point of technical perfection, be
> right now when it is clearly not the direction things are headed?  To me, if
> someone said, "i want to make all these great changes to JServ" I'd be like,
> "ok sure, but no one is going to use it since it's old school. [...]

Thanks Rob. You EXACTLY hit the point... When  we started the Jakarta
project, what happened to JServ? NOTHING, it's still there, kicking
asses since two years with no maintainers because Tomcat was the way to
go... We developers got it, understood it, and carried on with our
decisions, even if to someone that was a wrong one.

And what happened? Of course Craig felt left out in that, he was writing
JServ 2.0, but he said "yes" to Jakarta, and because of that, he simply
dropped the old container, until he came along and made the Catalina
proposal... And now that's the way to go, that's what we decided, that's
what I want to see happen.


Pier Fumagalli <> <>

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