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From Andy <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 08:53:52 GMT

I've been reading both this and the dev list for about a month and
asking/answering the more well put user questions (meaning I don't do to well
on the ones that just say "Tomcat 3.x.x doesn't work on linux) and nothing

    I'd like to contribute to a tomcat, but since there are three of them I'm
not horribly sure where to start.  I know 4.0 is a rearchitecture and 3.2.x
is basically the old architecture, and that 3.3 is probably less supported
than 4.0 (in that sun will probably package 4.0 in the next major j2ee).
But, that being the case (and I know I'm touching on a sore spot) what will
be the lifespan of 3.3.  There've been a few messages on this subject but all
of them were a bit too hotheaded for me to gain the information I desired
from them.  I know this is somewhat of a partisan issue and the lines have
been drawn, but just delving in I'd guess 3.2.x would probably not be the
best place to start (even though I'm using it) as being unfamiliar with the
code and it being supposidly "the worst" code of the 3, I'd probably learn it
in time to see it go out of fashion (though I'm guessing, without a real idea
what the planned lifespan is).  I'm guessing 4.0 might be a bit hard to get
into as I picture the major decisions being made in a sun boardroom somewhere
in cupertino where i'd not have the time to make it to and probably wouldn't
be invited anyhow...  But is 3.3 going to have a long enough lifespan to make
it worth my while?  Is help needed there?  I probably prefer to start out
with bug fixes as its easier to get into "if you do this than this breaks".
So some direction (preferrably without the partisan slant) would be very



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