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From Heinz Richter <>
Subject used bugrat but not all fields filled
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 12:54:21 GMT
report 571 not complete

-- http/ https detection failes when exporting     JkEnvVar xxx yyy     

using the parameter     JkEnvVar xxx yyy
to submit environment variables from Apache to Tomcat causes
tomcat to set scheme always to https and secure

How To Reproduce (optional): 
JkEnvVar xxx yyy 
in httpd.conf and look at SnoopServlet output
should report:
Scheme: http
Request Is Secure: false

Known Work Around 

public class Ajp13ConnectorRequest

comment out line:

                case SC_A_REQ_ATTRIBUTE :
===>>>>           //isSSL = true;
		            attributes.put(msg.getString(), msg.getString());


The workaround and reproduce field was not taken by


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