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From Andy <>
Subject Re: username and password for admin tomcat 3.2
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2000 10:13:18 GMT
peter duong wrote:

> hi,
> i tried to use admin function in tomcat but donot know the initial
> username and password. could you please help ?
> tia

I normally would not reply to this because its in the wrong list
(tomcat-dev as opposed to tomcat-user), but I feel it is enough of a
documentation error that the developers should consider doing something
about it.

I've not got tomcat here (only at work) so excuse any lack of precision
on filenames etc.   If you look at the something-or-other-users.xml file
[yourtomcatinstalldir]/conf you'll find a couple example users and
password and their roles.  Add one called "admin" give him a password of
your choosing and whatever other roles plus "admin".   (this part is not
documented anywhere that I could find easily, If I missed it appologize
in advance).   Then go to sever.xml  and change the admin context to be
"trusted".   Now the admin app should work.


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