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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] JSSI for Tomcat
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2000 02:21:40 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:

> on 12/9/2000 3:55 PM, "Hans Bergsten" <> wrote:
> > I know the migration of Java Apache projects has been discussed, but
> > I have not seen a formal decision being made by PMC. So I like to
> > run it by the PMC anyway, but based on what you say it sounds like it
> > will not be any problem then.
> This has already been formalized and even advertised as happening. Look at
> the Jakarta and Java Apache homepages as it clearly discusses this.
> In essence, I'm just trying to save everyone time here.
> > Another thing. If the migrated JSSI is supposed to continue to support
> > JServ (sounds reasonable)
> No need to do that.
> >, maybe this should be called TSSI instead to
> > avoid confusion (since it relies on TC internals and use TC package names).
> > An alternative would be to keep the JSSI name but use TC package names and
> > make it work with JServ as well as TC 3.2 in the initial version. Comments?
> +1 for TSSI.

If it is Tomcat-specific, is there any reason it really needs to be a separate
Jakarta project at all?  Why not just absorb it into Tomcat?

In terms of CVS repositories, if the amount of version-dependent code is large it
would be easier just to put it in the existing version repositories as an
optional feature.  If it's mostly independent with just a few links, a separate
CVS repository, under the auspices of the Tomcat project, seems to be much more

> -jon


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