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From Hans Bergsten <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] JSSI for Tomcat
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 21:48:57 GMT
After seeing a number of users on the TC user list asking about support 
for <servlet> tags and NCSA SSI directives, I decided to port Apache 
JSSI to Tomcat. Now it's basically done for TC 3.2, and the question is 
what to do with it ;-)

If anyone is interested in this, I propose the following:

1) Make this a new Jakarta subproject, named jakarta-jssi.
   The reason for this is that it's an optional module and it can
   live its own life outside the container development.

   Note! This requires approval by the PMC, but I want to see what
   this group thinks about it before I make a proposal to the PMC.

2) Support only for TC 3.2 initially
   Since JSSI is dependent on the TC internals, it needs to be
   adapted for each architecture. For instance, in TC 3.2 there's a
   package named org.apache.tomcat.facade that is used by JSSI, but
   in TC 3.3 the package is named org.apache.tomcat.facade2.2, and
   in TC 4.0 facades are not used at all so a different integration
   is needed.

   The current port works with TC 3.2. When the others get released, 
   the integration code can be factored out into a very small, pluggable 

3) Package structure (for TC 3.2 version)
   In order to integrate with Tomcat's Context and ServletWrapper classes
   (for servlet loading and execution), the JSSI classes should be in 
   org.apache.tomcat.* packages, and at least one of them must be in the 
   org.apache.tomcat.facade package specifically. Keeping basically the
   original internal package structure but adjusted to Tomcat, I suggest
   the following packages:

        One class (ServletTagHandler)
        Main classes

If you're positive to this proposal, I'll approach PMC about the new
subproject and try to get it set up ASAP.

Hans Bergsten
Gefion Software
Author of JavaServer Pages (O'Reilly),

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