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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0 build process feedback
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2000 20:59:22 GMT
Thanks for the feedback, Sam.

Intense updates to the build process will need to wait about a week -- I'd like
to get a "milestone 5" release out as promised without disrupting anything
first.  Then we can talk more about overall strategy of how to improve the
process, while still giving developers mechanisms for choices on the versions of
packages they wish to use.

Other comments scattered below.

Sam Ruby wrote:

> I tried to do a build of jakarta-tomcat-4.0 using the instructions in the
> README.txt, and taking the option of building dependencies from source
> whenever that option was available.
> *  When downloading the JMX extensions, downloading the JMX Instrumentation
>    Reference Implementation is not sufficient, one must download the JMX
>    Instrumentation AND AGENT Reference Implementation.

Fixed the README.txt to define this, and changed the hyperlink to point at the
download page containing it.

> *  You can not simply extract the latest jakarta-regexp from source and
>    build it and expect to use the results to build Tomcat 4.0.  The reason
>    is that the tomcat build process hardcodes a dependency on precisely
>    version 1.1 of that library.  IMHO, the way this jar file is named by
>    the build process of the jakarta-regexp process makes this harder than
>    it needs to be.  Meanwhile, the tomcat build scripts should provide some
>    means to override the name of the jar file.  (Alternately, one could
>    provide instructions to specify -Dversion=1.1 on the build of regexp).

Yah, embedding version numbers in JAR file names sucks ... but unlike some
people we know, I don't go whining and bitching about how other projects do
things :-)  We'll just have to deal with it.

> *  If you wish to get a source distribution of the jakarta-servletapi-4.0,
>    it should be noted that the name of the project is jakarta-servletapi,
>    not jakarta-servletapi-4.0, and the tag to specify is SERVLET_23_JSP_12.

Clarified how to do this from CVS if you want to.

> *  In order to do a dist build, one must do a build of deploy-main.
>    IMHO,this prereq should be encoded in the build.xml file.

I'm going to test and commit this one shortly.

> - Sam Ruby


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