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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:35:51 GMT
>It is run under Apache rules and I haven`t seen anywhere that
>the votes of
>the 3.X committers count less than the 4.0 committers, so it`s still

The point is that when future of Tomcat was decided (some month agos), many
of the
actual commiters (including me) where outside tomcat (not commiters) and
give their opinion. If we have a revote now (Florida Syndrom), may be the
could change ;-)

>There is no reason to flame the Tomcat 4.0 developers like
>that. I`m sure
>that they`re open for commits from developers outside Sun (In fact I am
>sure, because most of the people from Sun working here has a
>rep for being
>proopen source), because it would make their life much easier.

I didn't flame Sun developpers :

- Many of them are relativly young in Sun (and do no politic)
- They produce nice code and great documentation
- They defend their baby

The point is Tomcat is a really a Sun project under the Apache Umbrella :

Craig said :

"By the way, Tomcat 4.0 will be the web container in the next release of the
Enterprise Edition (J2EE) reference implementation.  As such, it is
receiving the
benefit of extensive testing within Sun, in addition to all the testing done
the open source community."

It's not a bad thing to have such a great product OpenSourced.

Me and others couldn't spend as many time that Sun core developpers on the
TC 4.0 product.
We have spent many time on 3.x tree and we couldn't afford now to relearn
the 4.0 internals.
I'm sorry but I didn't vote for the abandon of the 3.x tree.

>And if there
>is a problem, then the Apache Project as a whole is sure to
>react (not to mention the very bad PR it would be for Sun in these pro open
>source days, when they`re even making Star Office into Open Office).

Is there a need of reaction ?
We just speak of keeping open the 3.3 tree and give 3.x maintenance to
The revolution is between TC 3.x and 4.x not much between 3.2 and 3.3.
Evolution against Revolution.

>First of all is in no way IBM only (not even
>Xerces or Xalan
>are IBM only), and they are more than happy to let people into
>the codebase
>and development process. I was there, when the
>Spinnaker/Xerces 2 thing went

I remember the hard discution about spinaker on xerces mailing-list and
IBM became more open after Sun position. 
But in the Tomcat case we have Sun on one side and individuals on the
Not really the same condition. Hello Sam ?-)

>then there is the Batik project or the Cocoon effort (which is
>by far more
>promising than most open source projects which is too often only
>reimplementations of commercial stuff)

I don't know for Batik but Cocoon came from an individual and 
it still contributed by individuals (not corporations)

>My opinion is that most people who have time, and has a pain
>in the butt about Sun dominating the Tomcat 4.0 effort should get off it
>and go help and make it more of a community effort, if nothing else that
>show that Sun isn`t in control but instead the community is. 

Let be serious, an individual working 1 hour by day on a project couldn't 
be a serious 'contre-pouvoir' against a team of developpers working full
on the project. 

It could be from a WEBLOGIC or WEBSPHERE team working on TC 4.0 WITH Sun
developpers ?

Costin does a great job as individual, let him finish the works. 

Why not tell that TC 3.3 is the SERVLET REFERENCE IMPLEMENTATION for JDK 1.1
TC 4.0 for JDK 1.2 ?

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