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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 09:48:46 GMT
>Look at the bugs in BugRat. The ones coming in for 4.0 are getting
>linked, documented and closed faster than the ones coming in 
>for 3.x. The
>bugs for 4.0 are fewer than the ones coming in for 3.x. Shit, I think 
>we've even got some 3.0's in there that haven't been dealt with!

I'm sorry to say that the last time (before 3.2.1 release) I tried to 
use BugRats to get the list of open bugs related to mod_jk/ajp13, I received
SQL error !

So I've commited the patch and don't closed the bug in BugRats (ajp13 +
multiples cookies). 

>As far as those of you committing to the 3.x branch today, think about
>this: Your efforts are sorely needed in the 4.0 tree, right here, right
>now, today. I have read the code in the 3.x tree. It's shaping 
>up nicely,
>true, but after reading 3.1 for about 2 days, I got so 
>depressed about the
>project I thought I was going to blow my head off. To find even where
>the request comes in I found I had to grep for a "ServerSocket" and
>drill from there! When I look at 4.0, I can actually READ that code and
>understand it. 

The code in 3.3 tree is much more cleaner than in 3.1. Another point is that
many others I saw the TC 4.0 really as a Sun Products since all of the core 
commiters are paid by Sun and spent their many of their WORK TIME on this

Many of TC 3.3 commiters have a work outside Sun and Tomcat. They use TC 3.2

and apply patches to 3.2 (and 3.3 when possible) since they have problems
want them corrected. 

We're familiar with TC 3.2 architecture and even the new one in TC 3.3.
TC 4.0 is much more recent. I know TC 4.0 == catalina, but many were just
busy to fix 3.1/3.2 bugs (in their production environnement) to have the
time to 
switch to catalina/4.0 design.

Also Sun have put many talentuous developpers on the TC 4.0 project (since
Sun need TC 4.0),
so do you need +/- developpers more (and part time only developpers).

>There's a lot more to writing code whose source 
>was meant to be publically consumed that is not evident in the writing of
the 3.x
>tree. In short, 4.0 is the right code for the right project at 
>the right time.

You're right, TC 4.0 may be just too perfect and industrial (in devel
Bugs are fixed quickly, BugRats reports are closed, documentation fly.

TC 4.0 appears to be more a Sun Project (core developpers are all Sun)
than an Apache Project. 

TC 3.3 is now the only tomcat opensource project in spirit since
all the developpers (non Sun) could spend the same (few) time on the

Hey Sam (Rubys) what's the IBM position on this project ?

Did there is a kind of Yalta on ApacheGroup and who do what :

IBM == and SUN ==

That's my point of view !!!!!

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