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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: TC 4.0M5 / TC 3.2.1
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 18:45:28 GMT
>Unfortunately, the patches are all against a file which 
>doesn't exist in 3.2 (modules/server/  In 3.2, the 
>relevant file is service/connector/  So it 
>wouldn't just be a matter of patching.

TC 3.3 use a new architecture...
>If people do like the patches (and no bugs are found in them 
>after a few days), I can probably make a few of the simpler 
>fixes to Ajp13Connector (e.g. fix the multiple cookies 
>problem).  Other things (e.g. multipart forms) are a lot more 
>work, and I'm still trying to improve the 3.3 code in some 
>basic ways.  I think it will make more sense to try to bring 
>3.2 in line once I've got everything squared away.  Does that 
>make sense?

I make sense ;-)

If there is around Linux users who want to test the latest TC 3.3 
(with the ajp13 patches), just take a look at :

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