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From Roy Wilson <>
Subject Refactoring: oo-spaghetti-o's?
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2000 18:03:27 GMT

Interesting article: Reminds me of attempts in the old days to deal with 
what was called "spaghetti code". BTW, the subject line refers to an old 
commercial in the U.S. in which the words "oh, oh spaghettio's" were 

Some people have commented that oo-programming based on message passing 
between passive objects often results in the "spaghettification" of 

There is a Java library called JCSP that instead uses active objects to 
improve system modularity: active objects communicate by channels (over 
an interface) and a client cannot invoke a server method unless the 
server accepts the request. Info about the library is at

Happy Holidays


Roy Wilson

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On 12/22/00, 3:42:17 AM, "Punky Tse" <> wrote regarding 
[OT] Holiday Reading - Refactoring:

> Hi guys,
>     I read from some threads that Costin mentioned that 3.3 is a 
> of 3.2 code.  Here I found an article about Refactoring:


>     Enjoy!

> Merry X'mas
> Punky

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