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From Roy Wilson <>
Subject Yogi (Berra, not Bear): "It's deja vu all over again". :-)
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 02:03:41 GMT
It's odd that Nacho suggested that a look at the thread he posted might 
be worthwhile. I've been lurking on this list for about 6 months (with an 
occasional attempt to contribute) and it seems like the TC3.x vs TC4 
struggle is like a forest fire that keeps getting almost put out and then 
starts up again. Some issues are similar and some aren't.

As a result, a day or two I asked Bill Middleton if I could get bulk 
access to the archives and do some semi-serious searching. He said that 
as far as he's concerned, the archive belongs to the developers, so I 
should post to the list and see if anyone has any heartburn. Does anyone? 
If I don't hear anything for a week, I'll assume it's a non-issue. 

Roy Wilson

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message

On 12/18/00, 3:10:06 PM, Nacho <> wrote regarding RE 
[MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x@2:

> Jon ha escrito:

> > Please look at all the information available to you about
> > what is happening
> > before commenting again.

> To give people a chance to get a personal opinion let's go to the REAL
> start of this thread, a interesting exercise ( at least for me )....


> Have good trip into the past!!! ( almost exactly 1 year ago )

> a quote from James D Davidson:

> "
> Given that this is a voluteer org, I think that we need to allow the
> revolutionaries to work on their stuff and let the evolutionaries work
> on
> their things and come up with a balance to let everyone work in the way
> in
> which they are comfortable. After all, it's stoopid to lock people out
> of
> doing what they want to since they are giving of their time and talent
> for
> free.
> "

> How can we reach the "balance" between TC3.3 & TC4.0?

> Saludos ,
> Ignacio J. Ortega

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