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From Roy Wilson <>
Subject Archive: 2 more things
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 18:18:48 GMT

Before you send me the folder, please answer a couple of questions or 
direct me to what I need to read to answer them.

I assume that since you've mentioned a folder, I'll be getting a tarred 
What (at a high level of description) will be the structure of the data? 
I want to be able to do grepping (or the equivalent) and import the 
results into an analysis package, so I think I need ascii format for the 
msgs themselves. Is that a problem as far as you know?

If it's any easier for you, getting a chunk of the archive would be just 
as good since I can then find out whether I can do what I want. But, 
whatever's easiest for you (assuming you hear no complaints from the 

Roy Wilson

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message

On 12/19/00, 4:06:07 AM, wrote 
regarding Archive: 2 things:

> I believe I have now found the problem with truncated messages,
> which several have reported since the archive was
> updated.  Thanks for letting me know

> I'll need to regen the entire archive to fix this, not a big
> problem, but it takes a bit of time, and my local telnet
> gateway seems to be out of order.

> I also note the mail from Roy Wilson regarding his
> wish to analyze the archives in depth.  I will deliver the entire
> mail folder-file to him for his private use unless someone complains.

> Bill

> ----
> Bill Middleton
> Telenor Mobil ITS - Work: 22785673, Mobile: 91714674

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