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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-4.0 RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B1.txt RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-M5.txt
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 22:36:11 GMT
craigmcc    00/12/14 14:36:11

  Added:       .        RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B1.txt
  Removed:     .        RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-M5.txt
  Initialize the release notes document for the next release (beta 1).
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-tomcat-4.0/RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B1.txt
  Index: RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B1.txt
                    Apache Tomcat Version 4.0 Beta 1
                              Release Notes
  $Id: RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B1.txt,v 1.1 2000/12/14 22:36:10 craigmcc Exp $
  This document describes the changes that have been made in the current
  beta release of Apache Tomcat, relative to the previous release.
  Bug reports should be entered at the interim bug reporting system for
  Jakarta projects at:

  Please use project codes "Catalina" and "Jasper" for servlet-related and
  JSP-related bug reports, respectively.
  Tomcat 4.0 is in feature freeze as we approach final release.  New features
  will be added on the Tomcat 4.1 track.
  URL Decoding Incomplete
  Currently, Catalina does not decode the values returned by getServletPath()
  and getPathInfo(), as required by the Servlet Specification.  This will be
  dealt with after clarifications to the requirements are completed in the
  JSR-053 expert group.
  Redeploying From a Web Application Archive
  If you attempt to undeploy, then redeploy, an application from the same
  web application archive file URL (where the URL refers to an actual WAR
  file, not to a directory), the redeploy will fail with error "zip file is
  closed".  There appears to be a problem in the JDK's JarURLConnection class
  where JAR files are cached, even after they are closed, so that a request
  for a connection to the same URL returns the previous JarFile object instead
  of a new one.  As a workaround, you should do one of the following:
  * Change the URL of the web application archive each time you redeploy.
  * Deploy from an unpacked directory (on the same server) instead of from
    a WAR file (this is often more convenient in a development environment
  Running Web Apps Under A Security Manager
  Support for running individual web applications under the protection of a
  security manager has not yet been completed.

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