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From "Jon S. Stevens" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] building is easy (was: Re: [tomcat-4.0] building ishard)
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 21:02:18 GMT
> Told ya it wasn't that easy :-).

Well, I had assumed you would have done it the right way. :-)

(jon pokes craig in the ribs knowing that 9999.999% of the time craig does
things perfectly)

> Just as something to keep in mind, we need this to work on Windows platforms as
> well.

You *know* I'm the big windows98 wennie around here. :-) However, with my
new Powerbook g3 500mhz running OSX that is going to become less and less
of the case. :-) This machine rocks. :-)

> > If the above files do not exist, then attempt to look for relative paths
> > (ie: ../../jakarta-servletapi) to the .jar files here:
> >
> > /jakarta-ant
> > /jakarta-servletapi
> > /jsse*
> > /jmx*
> > /jakarta-tomcat-4.0/catalina/
> > /jakarta-tomcat-4.0/jasper/
> > /jakarta-tomcat-4.0/webapps/
> >
> Shouldn't these also have ${HOME} or something like that before them?  Not
> everyone is going to have access to the root directory on their Unix boxes.

Yes, definitely. The / was not implying the root directory...just root of
whereever those files live. Funny thing is that I originally wrote it as:


and removed that prefix thinking someone would say that I was assuming a
directory at root named "stuff".

> It might be easier to have a single "" -- I'm not sure
> there are many circumstances where you'd be using different sets of packages for
> these things.  With three files, you'd have a lot of duplication.

Exactly why I stated that having it in one file would be fine.

> Thank your local area power companies for bouncing power to servers up and down
> a *lot* over the last few days, and breaking the verifier mechanism.

large battery/generator backup for important servers is cheap for a
company like Sun. :-) even my isp in berkeley that is run out of my
friends basement at his house has a diesel generator in his back yard. :-)
my ISP is up, but my house is down. lol!


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