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Subject Tomcat / Apache jserv automatic startup
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 04:24:39 GMT

Hi y'all Tomcat development team, 

I've been a long time advocate of starting  Tomcat from Apache 
automatically. In fact I've been doing this since pre-3.0 days.
It's worked flawlessly for me until 3.2. I assume this is because
this is a low priority for everyone. 

Anyway I think slowly the protocol that starts/monitors Tomcat
from ap_jserv is slowly going away. As an example the JSERV_PING
does not seem to work anymore. It leaves a connection open to 
Tomcat and slowly eats away the socket file descriptors until
the system runs out.

But I found a workaround for now by modifying code in the 
mod_jserv. This way it seem to work again for 3.2.

Shortly I will be updating my HOWTO for 3.2.

So I guess the question(s) are :

1. Will automatic startup of Tomcat be included in a plan
   sometime in the future even for mod_jk?

2. Maybe someone can point me to the module in Tomcat where
   the Apj_xx protocol is handled and I probably can help
   drop something in there. Or may even be something pluggable.

There's been a few users who have been asking for this
for a while but all I can say is that the code is changing
so much that it's hard to keep up with. One day my howto
works the next day it doesn't.

One of the big advantages of having this is that its
nice to just have one startup procedure for Apache and
Tomcat. It's also nice to be able to do something like
"apachectl restart" or "apachectl start/stop" to restart/stop/start both
Apache and Tomcat. 


Freddie  Mendoza    
Search Engine for Cheap Books

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