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From Falcon cheetah <>
Subject Re: Enterprise Tomcat
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 20:21:12 GMT

I used to work in the second largest financial institute in the world, as they call themselves,
here in the US. And they were using stuff other than at that time JServ and early version
I tried to push tomcat, but it was to hard to change the mentality of ignorant managers who
only knew of computers the Power of Perl and thought they were technology experts. Do not
fight that war and let them go to Hell :)
  Michael Kuz <> wrote: 

Hello all, 

Does anyone know of Corperate (Fortune 500) companies using Tomcat as their enterprise servlet
Anything like that at all? Links would be great. 

We (tech types) want to use it, but have to prove mgmt. that it's in use in the big companies.

(Our mandate is no unproven technologies) 
Don't flame me, that's not my definition of proven technology... 

I've been trying to find _anything_ about Tomcat and enterprise usage and am having no luck.

What percentage of core coders on TC are from Sun? (guesses?) I think this would argue my

Any help is appreciated. 

Michael R. Kuz 
Service Intelligence 
(403) 261-5000 ext. 363 

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