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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 18:11:11 GMT
> * The good point with TC 4.0 are all the good things inside (JMX, JAXP
> 1.0/1.1)
>   The bad point on TC 4.0 are all these good things (JMX, JAXP 1.0/1.1).
>   You have seens the thread on '[PROPOSAL] building is easy'. We need too
> many
>   things now to build TC 4.0.

You need JAXP, JSSE and JMX.

- The JMX components are NOT used at runtime except if you run TC4 through
- JAXP, well, most Jakarta projects require it already.
- JSSE is required just to compile the secure SSLServerSocketFactory (whaich
was taken from the 3.2 tree) and that's it.

I don't see any fancy features here, or anything too unusual, except that
some of these things (like JSSE) should have conditional switches.

> Also even if TC 4.0 is an OpenSource projects,
> too
>   many of the required packages are not 'Open Sourced' or not easily
> exportable.
>   Also many peoples want to have a fast servlet engine with a low memory
> profile.
>   I saw TC 4.0 to be much hungry.

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