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From Tomas Westin <>
Subject Re: BugRat Bug Report #373
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2000 15:45:57 GMT


We've encountered this one frequently with mod_jk and AJP13 connections
from apache to tomcat

A good way to reproduce (at least in our enviroment) is to run

After hitting the refresh button on that page a couple of times (10-15 if
you want to be sure) and then request someotherfile.jsp and refresh that
new page a couple of times you are bound to get the output from
forward.jsp a couple of times instead of someotherfile.jsp output

regards Tomas

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> Nick Bauman wrote:
> > But it works with Mod_jserv + AJP13 + TC 3.2, right? Works for BugRat,
> > which fits that config.
> >
> And it works in my simple test cases too, so I am totally at a loss of how to
> get a reproducible error that can be debugged.
> To say nothing of the fact that my skills in C coding (especially with basically
> undocumented sources :-) is many years out of practice ...
> Bottom line -- I don't know what to fix or how to fix it.  Anyone who wants to
> take on that challenge is welcome to it ... otherwise the web connectors go into
> 3.2 final just as they are.
> Craig

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