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Subject Re: No revolution today
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 16:52:04 GMT
> I for one, would love to see the 3.x codebase's Session API actually work
> "as advertised" in a web server farm with a rotator box like BigIP. Right
> now the Session API in tomcat 3.1  /does not work/ across multiple
> instances of tomcat in a server farm.

And that's why the session stuff is almost completely separated from the
core, in a separate package and with only minor dependencies.

Even more, a new session manager can be created in an independent module (
like a revolution ) - that can be shared with other containers ( even if I
know some that don't like to share :-).

In fact, most of the session management can be implemented in "user
space", with only minor things in the core ( allowing maximum flexibility
for the user - since he would just use a library, with an unlimited API,
not only the few methods provided by Servlet2.2 ).

I don't think I'll be able to do that very soon, but if anyone wants to
start it I would certainly help as much as possible. 

There are few (major) optimizations that needs to be done in session
management, but I think Parameters and Dispatcher are more urgent.



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