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Subject Re: On what HelloWorldExample performance predicts
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 16:40:06 GMT
> Roy: Well, not quite: it also predicts an upper bound on the avg thruput, 
> and a lower bound bound on the average response time, of any more 
> resource-intensive request on the machine where the resource measurements 
> were taken.

And even more - it shows the tomcat overhead ( how much time is tomcat
adding to each request ) - and it can be used to find other "timings" -
for example a servlet that does getParameter() or getHeader() or a

The dispatch time is very important ( and it allows you to make decisions
about the way you design critical pieces of your software ) - and to find
it you need the time of a servlet doing a number of dispatches minus the
tomcat overhead ( that you got from HelloWorld ).

It's not an exact science, but it's not just a random thing, without any
value. Your app response time can be estimated - at least the lower
bounds, based on what your app is doing.


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