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Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 confusion, rant and plan...
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2000 00:00:56 GMT
What about this:

- I start a new revolution in tomcat3.2 space ( proposals/something ), 
and all the implementation of 2.3 and all controversial stuff will go
there ( i.e. all new features, like dav, http1.1, resource caching, the
new SMTP and POP3 protocols - since any feature will be in fact just an
interceptor plus the implementation itself )

- in tomcat3.3 we'll only have bug fixes, no other features. Tomcat3.3
will continue to be servlet2.2/jsp1.1, etc

If the "revolution" rules still apply ( and I hope this is the case),
there is no "vote" or procedure for revolutions, and any developer is free
to work on whatever he likes. My preference is ( as you know ) to continue
with the current stable codebase.

That will be ( hopefully ) the last time we have this problem - I don't
think we'll need any core change after 3.3 ( the code is very small now,
and almost all work is delegated to modules - so it's very little that may
change ). After that we can follow the 3.3.1, etc - again, only bug fixes.

IMHO it's a decent proposal - I'll try to think of a name ( or names ) for 
the new "module-revolutions" - and everyone should be happy ( with some
bad memories, maybe ). That will also allow to take more agressive steps
in improving tomcat3 ( since the "revolution" branch will be less visible 
and the pressure will be lower ).

It's cool to be revolutionar ( even if I still believe evolution is the
way to go).


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