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Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 confusion, rant and plan...
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 23:06:07 GMT

That's a very interesting discussion, I certainly learned a lot from it.

So, tomcat3.3 is confusing and shouldn't be called tomcat because catalina
is tomcat. And while tomcat3.2 was ok, and nobody complained that the
performance increased several times and a lot of features were added, for
tomcat3.3 it's no longer permitted to add features, but only bug fixes ? 

I don't get it - so servlet2.3 is "reserved" for catalina, and no other
container is allowed to implement it? Or at least not tomcat ? While it
was ok for catalina to implement 2.2 ? 

And while it was ok to add features for 3.2, I can't do that for
3.3? Regardless if those features are useful or not, or if _USERS_ will
benefit from that, and more importantly - I'm not asking for features but
willing to implement them myself ?

So if I'll implement a servlet2.3 facade for tomcat3.3 - I'll not be able
to release it or check it in ? Can I still use my own home page or a
public web site ? 

Regarding the 3.2 - there is no critical bug in 3.2 AFAIK, or at least
watchdog passes and 3.2 doesn't seem to crash or behave worse than 3.1. 
After I finish with the big changes ( required to support charsets and
performance ) I'll start fixing the remaining bugs.  

So far it seems everyone is certain about how bad 3.3 is and how good 4.0
is, and you may be right - but I do hope that you spent the required time
to understand both.
To be honest, starting a revolution seems the best thing for me - the
precedent is already set, I'll no longer have to follow the "JDK1.1
compatible" rule, no need to support or worry about backward
compatibility, and all the freedom I need. 

I can also follow Craig's request and move it outside of Apache. That
would mean I ( as a developer spending free hours on the project ) 
will be able to write code without worry about the politics and ASF
members and PMCs and all the upper management.

I'll think about all this, but one thing is certain - I'm very
disappointed with what happens here. 


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