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From "" <>
Subject Re: No revolution today
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 20:45:53 GMT

On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Matthew Dornquast wrote:

> re>Our site ( runs multiple Apache servers with load
> balancers ("rotator box like BigIP") that distribute traffic over the Apache
> servers.  We have a farm of Tomcat servers.  The session API's work for us.
> The only problem is that Tomcat, as distributed, does not allow load
> balancing persistence for the root context.  We hacked a way around that
> (search the archives if you're interested) - but it's an admitted kludge.
> --------------
> Yes, I did see that, and while i admired the hack, it wont work in our
> situation. :)
> I'd really like to see this very old bug fixed.
> If for no other reason, it was stated it would work, and does not.
> -Matthew

its a big change. fix for 3.3 ? This would seriously nuke loadbalancing 
for 3.2 if something was screwed up. besides, i'd rather see 3.2 stable
out after so many months (years?).

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