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From "Aaron Knauf" <>
Subject decoding of post parameters
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 21:54:50 GMT

I am using tomcat to run a servlet which receives a posted form from 
another application and uses the parameters to update a database.  The 
servlet is well tested and proven and there have been no changes to it for 
a long time.

Recently, the data that is being inserted into the DB is turning up in its 
encoded form.

My question is not really specific to tomcat, but I figured that someone 
on this forum would know the answer (which is why  I posted to tomcat-dev, 

I have read the servlet spec, the API docs, the HTTP RFC and I cannot find 
anything which clearly states whether HttpServletRequest.getParameter() 
should return the encoded or decoded parameter.  My understanding has 
always been that the decoded param should be returned, but I can't find 
that written down anywhere.

I suspect that it is controlled by a HTTP header.  (Maybe 
Transfer-Encoding.)  But I am unsure.

If anyone can clarify this for me, I would be grateful.


Aaron Knauf
Systems Integrator
Genie Systems Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand
Ph. +64-9-573 3310 x812
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