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From "marc fleury" <>
Subject RE: [jBoss-User] Re: [jBoss-Dev] Re: Mail from Stallman on legalityof LGPL in jboss
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 19:57:02 GMT
Alright forget it, one other reason I think we should stick to code is the
consistently fail to communicate one way and the other.

We send Rickard to the lists and the communication channel breaks down

So let's stick to code, java code, there are so many ways to interpret that
and I am curious to see if you will be able to find more meanings than the
one we intend to put in code <grin>

|I also take credit for hosting the entire jBoss project CVS and mailing
|I do a hell of a lot for you. I'm going to take credit for it.

We give you credit FOR THE HELP you provide.

The license, I must say that your input was not the best and certainly not
what triggered an evaluation of LGPL.  We have got everyone involved from
Stallman to Perens, in the "pundit" category, and your own "Behlendorf" to
look at the situation.  Everyone feels LGPL will clear uncertainty... The
board agrees, the authors are voting all Ok for now with one abstain...

|> You have set a stage where we are going to work on code and
|everyone better
|> hold up.
|I think we have already set that stage long ago.

Yes but now we are seeing numbers and finalizing this first step of
implementing the basic j2ee stack container in the Open Source/Free world...
the spermatozoid is in the egg, or is it? if you catch my meaning (probably
not given our history of miscommunication).  We truly want to work with your
people on your code and on your lists, in straightening what we percieve as
issues in your codebase... do give them a better welcome than "vade retro
GPL'ish satanas" or you won't see many embassadors on your lists for much
longer... do take that as a "warning" or a "menace" since you seem to grasp
that meaning.

we are (all you and us) an educated crowd, we are *technologists*,
we are the elite, we are not biggots, we are not in the dark ages.
We further technology infrastructure for the sake of technology...

Peace Love and *****Good***** Code,


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