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From "Paulo Gaspar" <>
Subject RE: Scalability and revolution?
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 10:32:11 GMT
Sorry Roy.

Scability is not much of a problem here.

With the framework I built, using JServ as Web Server, Oracle 8i as 
database and JDK 1.3 (w/ Hotspot) we can serve over 30 hits per 
second on the most typical dynamic pages in current (800 MHz) CPUs 
and enough memory (and the thing has templates, yes... just not XSL
30 hits per second on dynamic pages is a lot, especially when most of
the pages accessed are still static. It is going to take some time
before we need to think about multiple servers.

And then, since the user validation is done on Apache, I suspect I
can work around session management in my framework while using a 
single Apache server to distribute requests to several JServ/Tomcat
Servlet engines - the user will not have to login more than once
and I will work on a user basis instead of on a session basis. 
(Good enough for my situation... maybe not for yours.)

Of course that I hope to have other solutions when I get there.

Still, if one is able to make his/hers code fast enough, multiple
server solutions are not such a common problem. Only a megasite

>30 hits per second just for dynamic pages is a lot, and it is 
not hard to achieve with current hardware.

Have fun,

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From: Roy Wilson []
Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2000 19:14


I wonder whether, and in what way you address the scalability of a
production site. In particular, do you purchase a machine or select an
app based on an estimate of its scalability?

Roy Wilson

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On 11/9/00, 9:27:19 AM, "Paulo Gaspar" <>
wrote regarding RE: No revolution today:

> Very wise decision.

> And nothing forbids you of doing those revolutions in the future.

> But at the moment, for me, my company and people/companies I know,
the ONE
> main priority is having a fast and robust Servlet Engine - with
> being the priority.

> Your focus on a modular architecture keeps all doors open for the
> development of new features. IMO, a robust, fast enough and easily
> extensible Servlet Engine would take the market.

> We do NOT necessarily depend on a engine that is the "reference
> implementation of..." and that has hundreds of features.

> We depend on a engine we can use on production sites.

> Have fun,
> Paulo

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