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From "René Salle" <>
Subject RE: Why tomcat 3.x makes redirects (302) absolute ?
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2000 11:49:56 GMT
> > or something. I think that's why the servlet spec says the
> > uri is absolute.
> > Of course, an intelligent client would know how to handle both ;)
> a NAT handle traffic at a lower level, ca not be able of change part of
> the packet transmited, perhaps with apache's reverse proxying it's
> possible to make it work, i suppouse that nobody that has a Hradaware
> NAT in his system is able to use Tomcat nor Apache redirection trought
> them , if anyone can notice of a working NAT using tomcat as web
> server... this will be very useful to know of.

I agree that no NAT will/should handle this HTTP headers problem.

We ran into this. I think the question should be: is it right to build the
absolute URL using header server name?.

We use Tomcat behind a firewall and afterward Apache. AFAIK this problem was
fixed setting the right ServerName in .httpdrc which is somehow then passed
to Tomcat through its conf files. Tomcat then use it to build absolute URLs
and everything looks fine since that.

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