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From "René Salle" <>
Subject RE: More on redirection problems
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 08:44:55 GMT
> The problem, i think i'd found, is that when tomcat does a redirection
> do not use the "host" header received, he tries to recontruct host+port
> info based on his own port and the name (or ip ) found  in the Host
> header of the request

Sorry that I didn't got any time to further investigate this issue.

I didn't understood what exact distinction you make here. But I think that
the correct behavior is for Tomcat to use the host name specified by the
user agent in its request headers whenever they are there.

> But in addition i'd found that the relevant RFC for tomcat3 ( that is a
> HTTP 1.0 server AFAIK ) dont say anything about Host headers or
> something similar at all.

T32 does support HTTP/1.1 host name based virtual hosting... (RFC2616 /

I've lost one of your previous mail within which there was a Tomcat response
header broken on two lines, anything more about this?

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