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From "Daniel Ritchey" <>
Subject Re: TC4-m4 startup
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 11:33:52 GMT
I think you missed my point ...
I want to make project that uses the catalina core, similar to how Tomcat is 
a project that uses the catalina core.  Meaning I want to use the catalina 
stuff in my project to run servlets.  My project is not a webapp that gets 
put in the webapp dir as a war file, but is an application, like tomcat, 
that runs webapps.

So just as


I would like to setup something like
  |   |
  |   +--catalina
  |   |
  |   +--myproject

This wouldn't violate the .war specification becasue it isn't a .war webapp.

So back to my original question, how exactly do I define where the base 
web.xml file is located.

I pretty much resolved to making my own catalina startup package that uses 
value from a properties file rather than hardcoded values.

I hope what I mean is clear...

Daniel Ritchey

>I think what you say you want to do is going to violate the spec for what
>a WAR file is supposed to be for. Your web.xml is supposed to be packaged
>with your WAR ("*.war") file: your WAR file is supposed to contain not
>only your app, but also the content and resources your app needs, this
>includes html, jpgs, properties et al.
>That WAR file unpacks into a kind of document root that must have a
>standards-based layout (I believe it's either the servlet API standard
>or it's the J2EE, I'm not sure). If all you know is IIS or Apache, this
>is going to be a bit confusing.
>The idea of a WAR file is that it more closely solves problems related to
>how business organizations develop and deploy content, including how ISPs
>deploy content for customers.
>In the end, it's supposed to make things easier and more secure than
>current web-server-specific techniques for deploying content. These are
>the goals, at least.
>Hope this helps.

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