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From "Daniel Ritchey" <>
Subject Re: TC4-m4 startup
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 13:10:54 GMT

>You've got it basically right.
>The global configuration files are all assumed to be in
>"%CATALINA_HOME%/conf", and the global web.xml in particular is read in
>Do you need to do something in particular that you can't fix just by 
>CATALINA_HOME appropriately?

I was just doing some experimenting with some stuff i had developed and was 
merging my stuff with the catalina stuff, among other things.

I would perfer to have a directory structure like

       +--catalina (web.xml, server.xml, etc.)

So back to the original question, how do I specify where the base web.xml 
file should be loaded from.

>You've got it basically right.

What would be completely right?

I have started work on what I think will work (Making my own 
startup.ContextConfig, startup.Constants, and startup.Catalina classes that 
are dependent on properties files instead of hardcoded locations (for 
example say I want the conf dir. to be called config instead).  Property 
files isn't the greatest of solutions but I think it will work and add bit 
more flexibility.

I still have alot to figure out about how catalina is setup, so this all 
might be unecessary.


Daniel Ritchey
AIM: CaptainSlapHappy

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