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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: [jBoss-Dev] Re: Mail from Stallman on legality of LGPL in jboss
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 19:47:04 GMT
on 11/10/2000 11:10 AM, "marc fleury" <> wrote:

> jon, glad you like it but "taking credit" of the move is something
> tasteless.

I'm very much into taking credit for my hard work.

I give nearly 100% of what I do away for free without any licensing
restrictions except getting credit for the work I do.

What is wrong with that?

> when all is said and all is done we do what is best for jBoss.

Like I said before, choosing something other than the GPL is right for
jBoss. Personally, I would like you to choose the BSD/APL license, but the
LGPL will work for now given that I don't contribute code to your project
and am really only interested in potentially using it (as soon as I figure
out why I would need EJB <smile>).

> We send our best goddam developer to your lists to straighten out the
> situation
> this guy is an alien, and the fat ladies shooo away branding their APL
> crucifix
> WE ARE HERE TO HELP aren't making any sense. :-(

> You have SERIOUS problems with the basic integration speed and the work we
> put in is the basis for more integration beyond Tomcat.  So trust me when I
> say "trust me... we better go back to code and straighten this stuff, right
> now it still sucks"...

So, bring that up with the PMC and suggest alternatives to fix the
situation. Again, this is a volunteer organization and if you have a problem
with something, help fix it.

It is about being part of the solution, not part of the problem.

> So again, keep "taking credit" and "menaces" to yourself in the future.

Sure, I'm going to take credit for the work I do. I spent a lot of time with
emails with you trying to convince you of the right license. Why shouldn't I
take credit for that?

I also take credit for hosting the entire jBoss project CVS and mailing

I do a hell of a lot for you. I'm going to take credit for it.

> You have set a stage where we are going to work on code and everyone better
> hold up.

I think we have already set that stage long ago.


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