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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 confusion, rant and plan...
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2000 00:27:23 GMT <> wrote:
> What about this:
> - I start a new revolution in tomcat3.2 space ( proposals/something ),
> and all the implementation of 2.3 and all controversial stuff will go
> there ( i.e. all new features, like dav, http1.1, resource caching, the
> new SMTP and POP3 protocols - since any feature will be in fact just an
> interceptor plus the implementation itself )
> - in tomcat3.3 we'll only have bug fixes, no other features. Tomcat3.3
> will continue to be servlet2.2/jsp1.1, etc
> If the "revolution" rules still apply ( and I hope this is the case),
> there is no "vote" or procedure for revolutions, and any developer is free
> to work on whatever he likes. My preference is ( as you know ) to continue
> with the current stable codebase.
> That will be ( hopefully ) the last time we have this problem - I don't
> think we'll need any core change after 3.3 ( the code is very small now,
> and almost all work is delegated to modules - so it's very little that may
> change ). After that we can follow the 3.3.1, etc - again, only bug fixes.
> IMHO it's a decent proposal - I'll try to think of a name ( or names ) for
> the new "module-revolutions" - and everyone should be happy ( with some
> bad memories, maybe ). That will also allow to take more agressive steps
> in improving tomcat3 ( since the "revolution" branch will be less visible
> and the pressure will be lower ).
> It's cool to be revolutionar ( even if I still believe evolution is the
> way to go).

I like it... It is what I was asking since the beginning.

The ASF, as a member of the JCP (the only NON COMPANY member of the JCP, I
would like to underline), needs to ship the reference implementation of
Servlet 2.3 and Java Server Pages 1.2. This, as decided, will be Tomcat 4.0,
based on Catalina and Jasper.

If you and others want to continue the evolutionary process,
re-revolutioning (I like this phrase :) go ahead, and do it as Craig did for

And I'm the most open person to consider a "new" codebase as the next-next
generation of the Apache Servlet Engine...

Deal :)


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