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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 confusion, rant and plan...
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 05:26:51 GMT
Sorry for starting what it might end up as a long flamewar, but reading
almost 500 emails on the list I ended up a little confused... Also, in a
bunch of side discussions, but related always to the same topic, I feel
there's something wrong going around here...

Question: WHAT THE HACK IS TOMCAT 3.3 ???

I believe that this developer community once agreed that Tomcat 4.0
_will_be_ the next major release of the Apache Software Foundation servlet
engine, but, since a couple of weeks, I see a proliferation of emails
talking about Tomcat 3.3.

Here is where I'm getting confused... When did we vote about having a dual
codebase for two different servlet engines at the same time??? Because I've
never seen such a discussion taking place...

Also, it seems ridiculous (at least to me) to start talking about what will
be the next release of the 3.x tree (3.3) when 3.2 is not yet out of the
door, and as far as I've read (but I might have missed some emails) Beta-6
is not even compiling...

Sorry, but as a long time ASF member, and one of the first kids involved in
the glorious JServ, I feel that things here are getting a little bit screwed
up. Are we going to screw our release cycles? Are we going out to the public
with TWO servlet engines equal in features, but different in codebases? Are
we all going NUTS?

Sorry again, but this time I have to vote -1 on a "new" Tomcat 3.3,
expecially before 3.2 final is out of the door. The NEXT major release is
going to be Tomcat 4.0, based on Catalina, as we all agreed on months ago.

But, I'm not _only_ a pain in the ass... I see there are some developers who
prefer to work on the 3.x tree, rather than helping out on the 4.0, so,
instead of cutting their wings and forcing them to fork the project, I
propose to them what was proposed to Craig in february.

The "Rules for Evolution and Revolutions" still stands still, as one of the
major constitution documents for this community (James, WTF, post it
somewhere!!! :) and IMNSHO needs to be used...

I suggest to whoever is interested in further developement of the 3.3 tree
to create a new proposal, as Craig did with Catalina, and stick it on the
"proposals" directory in the CVS. And start working from it. I'm more than
open to see, after Tomcat 4.0 sees light, to reconsider the effort, and
maybe switching codebase again for what will be Tomcat 5.0.

So, I'm proposing this plan, and please vote on 2 and 4 (1 and 3 were
already voted upon with a bunch of +1s)...

1) Release Tomcat 3.2 final (soon, please!)
2) Create a new proposal tree alongside with Catalina (new name to avoid
   confusion, please)
3) Release Tomcat 4.0 (with Catalina, as we all decided)
4) Decide wether Tomcat 5.0 will be Catalina based or "whatever" new
   proposal comes along.

My 0.02 $... Take care...


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