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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: No revolution today
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 05:27:30 GMT
> It is important that tomcat3 has a design that allows support for
> future
> versions of the servlet API, but if tomcat developers don't want to see
> it
> happen - so be it. When Servlet2.3 will be final and in wide use, there
> is
> nothing that can stop someone from providing the module that supports it
> (
> not necesarily from apache site ). 

Many of us could live with a bullet proof TC 3.3 with API 2.2/JSP 1.1 for at 
least one or two years. Note that many importants sites still use Apache JServ 
(API 2.0) and GnuJSP. 

> But for now it's important to continue to improve the foundation. 
> My focus will continue to be on Tomcat3.3, in fixing the encoding
> problems and on improving the performance. We are not yet the best
> servlet container - so there is still work to do.

> If you believe that tomcat3 can't be the best container, and a
> different
> model is better suited for that - that's perfect, as long as the code
> you
> write is reusable everyone will benefit. And I'm sure the users will
> choose whatever it's better for them, regardless of version
> numbers. It's open source - and so far the better code has survived
> regardless of politics.

Yes, TC 3.3 must fix TC 3.2 bugs and boost performances. Users could allways 
bench TC 3.3 vs TC 4.0 or others servlets engines. And they'll choose their 

> The rules are still there - after a release, the main branch is open
> for
> the development of the next release, and as long as we are improving I
> don't think anyone can stop the evolution. 

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