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From Nacho <>
Subject RE: More on redirection problems
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 11:04:20 GMT
> Sorry that I didn't got any time to further investigate this issue.
> I didn't understood what exact distinction you make here. But 

The problem is with the port info present in the host header, that is
lost, and subsituted by the local por used in the connection.. The patch
only corrects the port used in redirections not the host that is
correctly parsed from th Header...

> > But in addition i'd found that the relevant RFC for tomcat3 
> ( that is a
> > HTTP 1.0 server AFAIK ) dont say anything about Host headers or
> > something similar at all.
> T32 does support HTTP/1.1 host name based virtual hosting... 
> (RFC2616 /

AFAIK Tomcat32 standalone, is a HTTP 1.0 Server, so the RFC for TC3
Standalone is rfc1945, which do not names Host header at all, 

> I've lost one of your previous mail within which there was a 
> Tomcat response
> header broken on two lines, anything more about this?

The problem as pointed by Craig in one of his latest commits, is that
for http 1.1 a request is not correct if it's not followed by a host
header, i'm not sure about http 1.0, which is the minimal request, but
tomcat 3.2 only makes and incorrect response when i make a incorrect
request trought telnet, not a problem a think.

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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