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From Andrew Cowie <>
Subject RE: No revolution today
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 18:57:23 GMT
Joseph Chiu [] wrote:
> In my environment, I wanted to force all contexts to be in 
> the root context.
> So, my point is -- if you only need the root context (one 
> context only!), my
> kludge works.

We are presently employing Joseph's elegant (we force root context only)
solution in a production environment running 3.1. As I've mentioned
elsewhere, it's critical to us that the load balancing mechanism not be
mucked up in future releases; indeed, I'm often very worried that there
seems little commitment to maintaining the mod_jserv connector. Everyone
loves to say "oh, just use mod_jk" but unless the functionality of the
balance sets and routes of mod_jserv are maintained, we can't migrate.



Andrew Frederick Cowie
Director of Operations
Upoc, Inc

cell: 917-217-4578  office: 212-405-1044

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