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From Michael Percy <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.3 / 4.0 confusion, rant and plan...
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2000 22:50:00 GMT
Everyone wants a TC3.2 -- I believe the only major concerns over the past
couple weeks have been expressed in this snippet from a week ago:

--------- snip ---------
> It seemed that the last outstanding issue was the compilation under JDK
> 1.1, but that should be fixed now. So is there still something that
> needs to be fixed ? 
> I would really appreciate if the release could happen within the next
> few days. 
> Thanks 
> Petr 
session/cookie and other patches (date spinlock and one more i think) have
not been integrated...can someone dump em in and release b7 or final ? 
--------- snip ---------

We should make sure anything major such as this has been integrated. Let us
debate the necessity of 3.3 (or at least something to fix 3.2 bugs) after
3.2 Final is released. But I believe there is a definite demand for
something to replace JServ in *production* environments *right now*, and
that requires active bug-fixing development. That probably also points to
Tomcat 3.2.x or 3.3, 3.x...

Michael Percy

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