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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject [BUG] setDebug in EmbededTomcat
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 12:23:14 GMT
This is probably one of the strangest things I've seen so far!

I'm working with EmbededTomcat and I have integrated it into our server
application.  I wanted to get some more information about what the web
server was doing so I changed the setDebug(0) to setDebug(10).  This
resulted in me not finding any jsp or html pages in the web application
I had in the root context (I only have one web app so I can't say for
sure if this does happen somewhere else).  As soon as I set the setDebug
back to setDebug(0) I found the pages.  This is the case for all debug
levels not equal to 0.  The weird thing is that it found a servlet I
have.  I have a controller servlet that handles all requests coming in
and I have it forward requests to the correct pages.  When I tried to
forward to a JSP with debug set to > 0 it couldn't find the page
although the code in the servlet was being executed.

When debug level is set to 10 I got the following error on the console
(when running the servlet and forwarding the request to a JSP):

ContextManager: Error reading request R( /) 400 Ctx(  ): 400 R( /) null
Ctx(  ): Handler null null Ctx(  ): IOException in: R( /) Socket closed
Ctx(  ): Error: exception inside exception servlet 400 null
ContextManager: ProcessRequest: R(
ContextManager: After processing: R(  +
/servlet/com.decode.ips.webclient.controller.IPSControllerServlet +
null) Ctx(  ): 404 R(  +
/servlet/com.decode.ips.webclient.controller.IPSControllerServlet +
null) null Ctx(  ): Handler tomcat.notFoundHandler(null/null)
tomcat.notFoundHandler Ctx(  ): Error: exception inside exception
servlet 404 null Ctx(  ): Error: exception inside exception servlet 404
class java.lang.NullPointerException 

This is weird but I guess it's not critical.  The problem with this bug
is that the solution (to change setDebug to 0) is not at all obvious.
So people who get this kind of problems may have a very hard time
figuring out what is wrong.

Well... I'll let you guys decide what to do about this... until then
I'll just use setDebug(0) :o)

Kind regards,
	Stefan Freyr.

p.s. Is the bug system still down?  I think it is, that's why I'm not
posting it there... let me know if I should do that (when it's up).

Stefan Freyr Stefansson
Software Developer
deCODE Genetics, Inc.

Phone: (+354) 570 2854
GSM:   (+354) 861 1718
Fax:   (+354) 491 3782
 <<Stefan Stefansson.vcf>> 

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