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From "Stefan F. Stefansson" <>
Subject [PATCH] WOOPS (Was RE: requires jsse)
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:31:00 GMT
Woopsie... I have to take this one on me... sorry guys.

Well... that's what you get when you let bozos like me mess with your
code ;o)

Costin: you were right... all it took was what you mentioned.  I've
changed the file and it's compiling. I've done a little testing on it
and it seems to be working ok.  At least it's compiling (with and
without JSSE jars in the classpath) and it's making the secure endpoints
correctly (when compiled with JSSE.  If you don't compile tomcat with
JSSE you can't make the secure endpoints but that's normal and ok).  I
haven't done any exhaustive testing and I don't know when/if I'm gonna
have time to do that, but I've done a little testing and everything
seems to be working fine.

In the meantime, here is the updated file and once again... I'm really
sorry about this.

Kind regards, Stefan Freyr

-----Original Message-----
From: Costin Manolache []
Sent: 22. november 2000 01:18
Subject: Re: requires jsse

I don't like that - tomcat is supposed to depend
only on JDK1.1  and a minimal number of extensions
( jaxp is the only required extension ).

All non-jdk1.1, non-standard extensions can be used,
but shouldn't be required to build standalone tomcat.

I don't know if it's too late to change this - it
we just need to replace 


 	sc.setAttribute( "socketFactory", 			

and remove the import line.

I know it's not the the easiest solution, but I think
it's worth the added complexity - it is still a
requirement to support JDK1.1 and work with a minimal
set of library ( and JSSE is a very special one
anyway, export, etc).


--- Mike Anderson <> wrote:
> I updated my source from CVS yesterday and all of
> the sudden I couldn't build.  I got an error saying
> not found in import
> when trying to build
>  I looked at the build.xml and it looked like it
> shouldn't even be trying to build
> since I didn't have the jsse
> classes in my classpath.  However, looking in the
> that was checked in on 11/17, it
> now does an import of* and
> directly references
>  Is there a
> way to fix this or are we now going to need to add
> the jsse jars to the build classpath?  If I do need
> to add the jsse jars, we should probably update the
> README to mention this so that others don't pull
> their hair out like I did for a while today.
> Thanks,
> Mike Anderson
> Senior Software Engineer
> Platform Services Group
> Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net services
> software

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