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From Rogério Meneguelli Gatto <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tomcat 3.2 Final Release
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:10:20 GMT
Hi, Henri,

I also submitted a patch (yesterday, Nov 29) and before that a request (Nov 20) 
for Windows SMB Paths in Tomcat 3.2 server.xml.  On my first post, I even 
volunteered to make it work again (it did on 3.1 and it does on 4.0).  I had no 
answer to that post, and started to work "on my own".  I came up with the patch 
yesterday and sent it.  No replies either...

I understand that not every contribution is accepted, but I would like to at 
least know why... Wasn't it well implemented?  Too dangerous to commit without 
more testing?  Im my case, are "\\machine\share\webapp" docbases incompatible 
with other goals?

Rogério Gatto

GOMEZ Henri wrote:

> Sorry when did you submit the latest.
> You could repost them and I could check and 
> commit if valid
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