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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: AccessLogValve performance fixes
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 00:32:26 GMT
Jason Brittain wrote:

> It sounds like a good idea.  While I was working on this valve I was
> thinking
> that it would be great to queue up the log messages for another thread, but
> I first wanted to quickly get these lighter optimization changes into the
> codebase.

Sounds like a reasonable plan.

> Yes, it would be great for Catalina to offer asynchronous logging.  If we're
> going to do that, I'd propose we do it in some pluggable fashion.

Which means we should also look at stuff like Log4J and so on.  There was also a
recent Java Specification Request for a standardized logging API -- I haven't
followed where this is in the process, but it should be findable on the JCP web
site <>.

> Really, what I'd like to see is for Avalon to offer asynchronous logging and
> for Catalina to plug into that.  But, I'm sure lots of folks who use
> Catalina
> by itself (without Avalon) would like Catalina itself to have asynchronous
> logging code of its own.  We could always do both (especially since Avalon
> and Catalina use the same license).. ideas?

There has also been some work to put (optional) Avalon wrappers around
Catalina.  This is certainly a place we might be able to leverage Avalon more.

> So Craig, you're saying that Tomcat 3.2 does this now?

Well, I remember that Alex Chaffee was working on some logging enhancements over
the summer -- but it appears that they are *not* in the 3.2 code base.  They are
probably in the 3.3-dev branch, though, so we can still go harvest 'em.

> --
> Jason Brittain
> Software Engineer, Olliance Inc.
> Current Maintainer, Locomotive Project


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