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From Jason Brittain <>
Subject Re: AccessLogValve performance fixes
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 00:05:55 GMT

Remy Maucherat wrote:

> Quoting "Craig R. McClanahan" <>:
>> Logging messages in some other environments -- and even Tomcat 3.x IIRC
>> -- are
>> actually written out by a background thread, rather than the main
>> request-processing thread (as it currently is with Catalina, or at least
>> it was
>> last time I looked :-).  Have you thought about implementing such a
>> thing?
> Actually, I was about to propose that we add asynchronous logging :)

It sounds like a good idea.  While I was working on this valve I was 
that it would be great to queue up the log messages for another thread, but
I first wanted to quickly get these lighter optimization changes into the

Yes, it would be great for Catalina to offer asynchronous logging.  If we're
going to do that, I'd propose we do it in some pluggable fashion.

Really, what I'd like to see is for Avalon to offer asynchronous logging and
for Catalina to plug into that.  But, I'm sure lots of folks who use 
by itself (without Avalon) would like Catalina itself to have asynchronous
logging code of its own.  We could always do both (especially since Avalon
and Catalina use the same license).. ideas?

So Craig, you're saying that Tomcat 3.2 does this now?

Jason Brittain
Software Engineer, Olliance Inc.
Current Maintainer, Locomotive Project

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