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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: AccessLogValve performance fixes
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 22:27:34 GMT
Jason Brittain wrote:

> Remy Maucherat wrote:
> >> Yep!  That's a full 10 seconds slower than the new version, making
> >> the new version about 44% faster.
> >
> >
> > Great !
> > I'll commit the patch later today.
> >
> >> This test is single-threaded, but I think it still shows noticeable
> >> performance improvement.
> >>
> >> Something else that I could do with this that I haven't yet is
> >> make the valve able to buffer log file output.  From my tests,
> >> it looks to me like this make the test run about 4 seconds faster,
> >> a maximum of 1.6% gain (not real big, but it's something).
> >
> >
> > If it's really 4s out of 13s, isn't it more than 1.6% ? If the gain is
> > another 4s, then it's significant, and I think we should go for it.
> >
> > Remy
> >
> Okay, that's one way to look at it.  I was thinking 4s out of 24s, but
> now that
> you mention it, it's now 4s out of 13s.  So, I'll work on that too.
> About buffering, I was thinking that not everyone would want the output
> buffered..  If you're debugging and you're trying individual requests and
> looking at the log information for each request, and the log lines don't
> show
> up in the log file after you make the request, that can be annoying/puzzling
> to the person trying to debug.  I thought it might be a good idea if you
> could
> configure the valve to buffer or not buffer.  Buffering should probably be
> turned on as the default.  But, as long as the config says something like
> 'buffering="true"' then at least people will take note that buffering is
> turned on for that log file (it can serve as a sort of a warning).
> So, by default, it'll be fast, and the buffering could be turned off.  That
> would be nice -- as long as this switchable feature does not really degrade
> performance.

+1 for switchable buffering support.

+1 for buffering being on by default.

+1 for including "buffering='true'" (or perhaps maybe specifying a buffer size?)
in the default server.xml <Logger> entries, even if it is the default --
primarily as a form of self documentation that the option to change this exists.

> Ideas?

Logging messages in some other environments -- and even Tomcat 3.x IIRC -- are
actually written out by a background thread, rather than the main
request-processing thread (as it currently is with Catalina, or at least it was
last time I looked :-).  Have you thought about implementing such a thing?

If we go that way, some thought might be spent on perhaps consolidating
background writing for all Loggers into some number of threads less than the
total number of loggers -- to improve scalability in large installations.

> --
> Jason Brittain
> Software Engineer, Olliance Inc.
> Current Maintainer, Locomotive Project


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